Bay Point Road Replacement and New Gate House

Bay Point Road Replacement and New Gate House

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Recently the BP Road Replacement and New Gate Project Team worked with our contractors to get this project moving along.  Here is the current state of affairs on the BP Road Replacement and New Gate Project.


In regards to issues raised from the community BPCA will take the following actions:

ISSUE:  Have County install turn in-lane: County has rejected this request and suggested that Bay Point move the guard house back into the community and off of Delwood Beach Road. BPCA Action: BPCA will move the guard shack back into the community some 100 feet.  The movement of the guard house resolves a safety concern and is an esthetic benefit to the community.

ISSUE: Wait until Marina is rebuilt and then have County restudy the turn-in lane. BPCA Action: BPCA has discussed the possibility of waiting for the Marina to be built and then request the County re-consider the turn-in lane. After discussion and consideration BPCA will avoid the probable three year wait for the Marina completion, county traffic study and County decision. BPCA will proceed with the roadway and gate house renovation project.

ISSUE: Golf Villas can hear the security discussion at the security gate.  BPCA Action: The security gate sounds are being heard today. Moving forward the sounds associated with the roadway traffic and security gate are unavoidable. However, BPCA Security policy is and will continue to be to maintain an appropriate level of decorum at all of the gate locations.

ISSUE: At night time headlights cast a sweeping beam of light into the Golf Villa condos. BPCA Action: BPCA will use dense foliage (podocarpus) along the effected Bay Point Road sections to contain the intrusive headlight activity.


Here is the current Schedule of events associated with BP Road Replacement and New Gate Project:

Release Bid Plans and Project Manual to contractors – April 26th
Board Meeting – May 10th, 5:30 PM
Prebid meeting at the existing guard house – May 11th, 2 PM
Last Day for Bid Questions – May 26th
Bid Due Date – June 2nd, 2 PM
Bid Review – June 3rd, 1:30 PM
Board Meeting to Award Contract – June 14th, 5:30 PM
Notice to Proceed and Preconstruction Meeting – June 28th
Substantial Completion – November 25th
Final Completion – December 18th.

BPCA will use the standard AIA project contract for this effort.  We (the project team) have asked that Counsel participate in our reviews to mitigate possible contractual issues as well as be prepared to discuss plans at all Board meetings. BPCA Counsel has revised the contract language to best suit BPCA purposes.

BPCA will solicit at least 6 contractors that DAG, SCE, Anchor CEI and BPCA all believe capable and qualified to do this job (seven contractors were solicited, four contractors attended the mandatory pre-bid on-site meeting on May 11th).

BPCA will close the residents gate for the period of the project and divert traffic to the Jan Cooley gate.  The gate at Club 72 will remain open during the project to allow contractors to enter BPW and the condos from the Jan Cooley gate. Other considerations may be made for additional access at the Thomas Drive gate.

BPCA will allow the contractor to establish a secure area for short term storage of project materials.

The project will observe the usual BPCA work/no-work time schedules and holiday schedules.


  1. Is it possible to delay this project until the Fall? There will be a lot of vacation travel coming to Bay Point during the next few months. Additionally, this would give us time to see if we can get the County to repave Jan Cooley. The condition of Jan Cooley is not good. Diverting extra traffic to the road during the construction of the main entrance will cause additional wear and tear on the road.

    • Sir, I spoke with the county yesterday regarding the paving plans for Delwood Beach Road and Jan Cooley Road. There are no plans to pave these roads before 2022 with the one possibility of paving JC section down by Mariner (the very far end). They restated again that they have no plans to cut in a turn lane on Delwood Beach. County official stated that closing Bay Point Road now for the Bay Point Road Replacement and gate house is optimal. He further added that the county uses a rating system for road conditions and that Jan Cooley was rated at 50; the scale is 1 to 100 with 100 being the road being in the best condition. Thank for the suggestion and reminder to keep the County informed and involved.
      Dan Matthews

  2. It’s refreshing to see periodic community updates from our Board! Thank you.

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