April 2019 BPCA Security Report

April 2019 BPCA Security Report

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Jim Moore, Lynn Briley, and I continue to meet each Monday morning at 0800 to discuss events of the past week and make plans to implement improvements for the future.

In summary, the past weeks have been challenging and exciting; Mr. Moore and I are committed to making continued progress.

1. Mr. Moore has devised a new and improved employee scheduling system, which should provide for more consistency and continuity in how employees perform their assigned functions. Initially, because it is a change, we expect a few hiccups but those will be addressed and overcome.
2. Mr. Moore and I presented to the finance committee an incentive compensation plan to reward employees who pursue and receive State of Florida licensure as a Class D Security Officer. The plan was approved by the Finance Committee and will be presented to the board for adoption. Mr. Moore and I believe this incentive plan will, in addition to increasing compensation to the successful employees, will add to the skill set and professionalism of our security force. This plan does a lot more than simply throw money at the issue of employee retention.
3. The issue of adolescents and adults (residents and visitors) running through the gate arms continues to be a serious safety and security problem. Accordingly, we have adopted a two-pronged approach to address the situation:
a. Upgrade our gate license plate reader system. Board member Dan Mathews has devised an upgrade system which will be implemented very soon.
b. Increase significantly the fine for persons caught running through gates. This proposal will be presented to the board for consideration, in the Governing Docs report, by Dan Mathews. The board approved of the increased fines at its meeting on April 8, 2019. The increased fines will be effective as soon as sufficient publication and notification can be accomplished.
4. Lastly, Mr. Moore and I want to remind everyone that Bay Point’s security force is a service organization here to help residents and to enforce BPCA rules and regulations; it is not a law enforcement organization. Our security officers do not have any law enforcement authority. Accordingly, anyone wanting to report a crime may call our security office, but should also call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office or ask that the security office do so. The Sheriff’s office is better equipped to investigate and pursue criminal wrongdoers. Being a gated community, does not mean we are immune from crimes committed by outsiders or neighbors; accordingly, neighborhood watch activities could greatly assist in preventing vandalism, mischief, and other misdeeds.

Respectfully submitted: Carl Selph, First VP

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  1. Good Morning All,

    Our hose borders the 4th Fairway of the Meadows Golf Course. Every once in awhile, we see residents of all ages walking their dogs either on the side or in the middle of the course. More often than not, the dogs are running off the leash. In addition to people walking their dogs on the fairway, we also see people of all ages playing on the fairway; ie. throwing balls and even playing in the sand traps. I’m assuming these people are trespassing on private property? As a resident and good neighbor, who should we call to inform someone of these trespassing incidents; our security office or the Golf Course or both? I think if people want to walk their dogs and play in an open area, they can visit our Marina Park vs trespassing on the golf course.

    Please keep up the good work, as we appreciate all the good things our on site security staff provides.

    Steve Geczy
    193 Marlin Circle

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