BPCA Security Report March 2019

BPCA Security Report March 2019

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Bay Point Security Report March 2019



March 2019

Jim Moore and I start each week with an 8:00AM meeting every Monday morning, where we discuss progress made and issues encountered during the previous week and establish goals for the new week ahead.

In the three weeks since being elected 1st VP and being charged with the responsibility of oversight of the security department, the following have been accomplished or are in the process of being accomplished:

  1. The call box at the Legend Hills gate has been restored to service after months of being out of service.
  2. The board’s Security Liaison, Dan Mathews, is working with the security department to successfully link all of the gate cameras to a security computer on a 24/7 basis.
  3. Mr. Moore is working on a major update of the Bay Point Security Manual. Our current goal is to have the manual ready for board review during the April board meeting.
  4. We have placed Help Wanted ads in the local newspaper, with the Florida Employment Service, and with Monster.com, on the Bay Point website, and placed signs at the gates. Our goal is to establish a file of numerous qualified job applicants.
  5. Employees are now expected to adhere to the uniform policy contained in the approved Security Manual.
  6. Background and DMV checks are being conducted on all employees.
  7. Mr. Moore and I are reviewing the qualifications of current employees to determine which, if any, employees are eligible to apply for Level 2 or Level 3 status.
  8. We have subscribed to a vehicle tracking service for each security truck. The tracking service will enable management to observe, in real time, the location of each vehicle, how long is has been at a particular location, whether it has visited properties requesting a house check, and other significant information. Additionally, all security vehicles will be allowed to leave the Bay Point premises only for vehicle service – no more off premise trips to fast food locations, etc.
  9. The firehouse is being given a much needed cleaning and will be used as a training room, employee break room, and sub-office. It will no longer be an eyesore and trash repository.
  10. Bill Lambert has been returned to patrol; his maturity, experience, and life-saving training are a welcome addition to the patrol cadre.
  11. Overtime has been excessive for many reasons; however, we are working on reducing the overtime by having a reservoir trained talent.
  12. Unfortunately, the person the Gulf Coast College used as a first aid, CPR, and Defib trainer was killed in Hurricane Michael. However, we are in the process of finding another source to train all of our employees in life saving techniques.

In summary, the past 3 weeks have been challenging and exciting; Mr. Moore and I are committed to making continued progress.

Respectfully submitted: Carl Selph, First VP

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