BPCA Security Gates

BPCA Security Gates

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During the past couple of weeks, a plethora of information was published on social media regarding the operation of the BPCA traffic gates. The information was, in large part, published by the family of a lady who received a citation for “crashing a gate” (knocking the gate arm to the ground).

BPCA Security reviewed the video and found that the operation of the gate was not at fault; the vehicle operator failed to stop for a lowered gate arm. In practice, when the gate is up, the vehicle may proceed through the open gate; when the gate is down, the operator of the vehicle must stop and wait for the gate to rise before proceeding. If the gate does not rise the operator should go to the resident’s gate and report the issue.

With respect to BPCA’s choice of gates, vendors, and gate maintenance procedures, the social media posts claim that BPCA is not using good practices and not using trained personnel in the operation of the gates. The person making these assertions claims to be an expert in gate operation and touts a brief tradeshow interview with an employee of the RFID manufacturer as proof that BPCA’s gate installation is faulty.

In July 2018, BPCA’s gate maintenance vendor and a technician from the RFID manufacturer (Transponder and Reader Engineered Systems, Inc.) reviewed the operation of the gates and experimented with more advanced equipment as well as multiple positions for the RFID readers, and then selected the best equipment and most effective positioning for the RFID readers. In short, more than a year ago BPCA began employing the recommended RFID positioning and gate procedures. Additionally, we have heard the recent comments and checked our gate systems with trials and technicians within the past few days, all of which confirmed our installations are good and correct.

BPCA constantly strives to improve the operation of the gates and related equipment and welcomes members’ suggestions. Suggestions can be made by calling the BPCA office at (850) 234-2727 or sending an email to info@baypointflorida.org.

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